Introducing The Best of The Best. What every woman wants is here at David Alan Salon. Our one promise is to insure that you receive the highest quality work in all our services each and every visit. Our guarantee is your WOW.

Our talented staff loves meeting new clients. We’re always striving to create that transformation, fresh, modern, shiny, unteased, unsprayed and untortured looking hair.

Gorgeous looks of spring and summer are here. You’ll love the results.

Your Journey At David Alan Salon & Spa Begins

“I personally invite you to indulge in a variety of services, all of which will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.The ambiance of our salon was created with you in mind to help establish peace and relaxation. We’ve been catering to beauty and wellness needs for 30 years and strive to reach new heights.” – David Alan

Hair Color

Amazing hair

Beautiful skin


Dedicated and seasoned (40 year salon veteran) owner David Alan defines his tried and true path to staying a notch above the rest. David Alan studied film making at C.C.N.Y. Film School. Moving his career to beauty school, his success came early, and the direction was clear, learning from the master stylist Mark Traynor, colonist-style director from L’oreal Paris. Who influenced his attitude of being the best. He also counts among his most influential mentor his partner Alan, who excelled as a creative genius and pushed David to anther level.

David Alan was also hired by and influenced by Lilly Dache, the most celebrated hat designer in the world. Two other mentors were the great Dame of Beauty, Helena Rubenstein, and Larry Mathews, at Great Northern Hotel, where all of showbiz went and had their hairstyles created 24 hours a day.

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