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Clutch CutSimple and beautiful!!


Hounded by The Heat? Worried about looking fabulous during these dog days of summer? What to do when your Ombre or Balyage color goes wrong? I have a host of the best inside tips for these hot hair days.

The Dirty Little Secret to Gorgeous Hair

It happens all the time. You admire someone’s hair; her hair looks amazing, and she reveals that her beautiful bouncy blowout is days old, and she hasn’t washed her hair in a week. Healthy, fresh, and beautiful, why and how is that possible?

The Hair Gods gave us dry shampoo; the new improved formula absorbs excess oil and gives you second day texture in a few spritzes. The result? Hair can actually look better if you hold off shampooing.

The Blow Dries

The secrets to a great blow dry starts and ends with the right stylists.  Woman who have had a bad blow dry experience have thrown in the towel.  But many women have stopped lathering up less often; they are not lifting a finger.  The rising popularity of style-only salons that get you in and out in 40 minutes has transformed The Blow dry.  It’s an instant and affordable luxury and confidence booster.


David Alan Blow Dry Bar

“What every woman wants”, says David Alan is a series of Blow Dries to transform her looks to start the week. Our series is performed by senior stylists, at purchase 5 receive the 6th one free.

No Suds Cult – The new Generation Shampoo

It’s hair’s worst enemy that even sulfate free and color safe strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving the hair brittle and dry. The new generation of detergent free shampoo & conditioner – all detergents are banned.  Your hair is left clean and hydrated; the results is shiny looking hair.  What makes the cleaning unique is that the product has the ability to attach itself to oil.  And product Gluck, while leaving hair hydrated, beautiful, soft and shiny. The results are not all in yet.



What to do when your Ombre goes wrong

Despite Ombre being a hair color best created in the salon, the lure of an at home dye kit can be tempting, with the success rate of DYO Ombre being tragically low. Go to a professional.  Find out from experts on how to fix it.

In the same way that Ombre is best achieved in the salon, it’s also the best solution for color gone wrong. We at David Alan use a semi-permanent, vegetable dye close to your natural color to hide the Ombre.  If you don’t want to blanket the color all over you can add highlights to blend the color, although you may need a quite a few to break up the blonde, and may fade very quickly.

Fix It Yourself

While it might be tempting to dye over bad Ombre with a darker color, this can lead to a harsh blocky finish.

Instead you should try semi-permanent shades that are a little warmer than your natural color, and apply it all over the blonde, mid-length to tips.

If you don’t want to get rid of the blonde all together, try a toner to fade out and disguise the blunt line, but be aware that toners don’t last long.

Good Luck.

Dry Shampoo Brigade

Once seen as a second day hair refresher, dry shampoo can be a quick fix for making your blow dry last one more day. Now, with the new generation of dry styles the beauty stable has become much more “the evolution” of dry shampoo and has led to several wonder products, Including sprays which promote volume and texture in one Says David, “It’s no longer only used to hide unwashed hair, but as a product for styling”.

Other ways of using the spray includes undone texture. Spritz into the roots down to the mid-lengths to achieve that next day hair.  Gives hair fullness, body and glamor, and saves time.

Fighting The Frizzies

Changes in humidity levels cause hair strands to expand. Cold weather and central heating, cause each hair to play a key role in creating frizz. I personally recommend that you add treatments like oils that work wonders. Simply massage in, and leave for 15 minutes.  You’ll see the difference.

Another remedy is our Keratin Smoothing Treatment with Juvenex – $250.00+ up includes haircut. Works the best to fight frizz and lasts up to 3-5 months, and leaves hair with a bounce.

It’s effortless to style, and your hair will have a gloss and look natural.

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David Alan

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