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Service Guarantee:

We as a team take great pride in the services that we offer. If for any reason you are not happy with the results of your service let us know within 7 days and we will schedule a new appointment at no charge.


Please make your next appointment before leaving the salon to guarantee a convenient time.


We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to you scheduled appointment to avoid a late start. It is important to allow the client following you to have time to complete their service.


New customers are asked to leave a credit card number to guarantee their appointment. Cancellations require notice 24 hours in advance to avoid a $25 fee.

Early Bird Hours:

If you need to come in before we open at 8am, just let us know! We will gladly try to accommodate you.

Gift Ideas:

Please ask us about our corporate gifts, gift certificates, charity donations and incredible beauty baskets.

Pricing with the level system:

Our staff works on a European Level System which measures experience and years of dedication. Those of high levels are more educated and have established a high client demand.A promotion to a new level is an opportunity for advancement, encourages stability and allows employees to grow based on years of loyalty and dedication to their clients. We provide artists and therapy technicians at every level to best suit the needs of our clients


The David Alan Salon is located in the heart of Paramus. The property is unique, set in the shape of an oyster. The salon is also a unique design. Modern shapes and high ceilings give way to the styling areas and the mirrors for each stylist. The bases of the mirrors are nickel. The mirror is unique in the sense that the iron in the mirror is under 5% and allows clients to see their reflections with the glare of greens. The walls are painted with snowflake white, again taking into consideration the softness of the paint. The floors are stained beautiful dark brown over Brazil red oak.

David Alan was the first salon to introduce a new direction in how hair can be styled. He defined looks as beautiful, soft and chic for today’s women. He developed the concept of “unteased, untortured, unsprayed, natural-looking hair,” introducing and teaching the philosophy to many of the leaders in New Jersey. Short, medium, long, curly, or straight: the looks are beautiful, natural and soft.



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Cutting Area

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“We guarantee that your visit will be one you want to experience time and time again. At David Alan we are committed to making you look and feel luxurious.”

Dedicated and seasoned (40 year salon veteran) owner David Alan defines his tried and true path to staying a notch above the rest. David Alan studied film making at C.C.N.Y. Film School. Moving his career to beauty school, his success came early, and the direction was clear, learning from the master stylist Mark Traynor, colonist-style director from L’oreal Paris. Who influenced his attitude of being the best. He also counts among his most influential mentor his partner Alan, who excelled as a creative genius and pushed David to anther level.

David Alan was also hired by and influenced by Lilly Dache, the most celebrated hat designer in the world. Two other mentors were the great Dame of Beauty, Helena Rubenstein, and Larry Mathews, at Great Northern Hotel, where all of showbiz went and had their hairstyles created 24 hours a day.


    – David Alan


    We welcome and are willing to participate in all fundraisers and foundations to help make your event more successful.