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Signature Services

Lift me up Eye treatment

Pampers, protects and parks the delicate I area by stimulating collagen production, tending to fine lines and deep wrinkles, minimizing puffiness and dark circles. ..

Uplifting face and neck facial

Tones, elasticizes and lips face and neck. Skin will look for them or younger and glowing the treatment sculpt your own skin to perfection

Glycolic treatment

An intense alphahydroxy acid treatment is applied, which penetrates the surface layers of the skin. The treatment improve skin tones and balances skin discoloration all diminishing dryness, wrinkles and blemishes. After just one treatment, skin will look and feel smoother and healthier.

Marine collagen facial

Developed to produce unprecedented results for dryer mature skin types. I luxurious hydrating collagen mask help smooth wrinkles to prevent signs of aging. Active ingredients include marine collagen and DNA.


Treat your skin to the sheer luxury of regeneration average of a nation. This facial combines the caring powers of nature with modern cosmetology and firming. Wrinkles are less visible and signs of dryness disappear.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

This gentle approach to skin renewal is an advanced resurfacing technique, dramatically transforming all skin types by restoring texture and minimizing imperfections caused by acne, sun damage and aging. Most effective with six treatments.

Rosacea facial

Especially for clients with rosacea. Treatment geared to decrease redness and irritation, using a specialize gentle cleaning and cooling hydration technique. Client will also receive a home skin care regimen to help reduce and neutralize redness on a continuous basis.

Alpha beta peel

Using a derivative from fresh picked fruit, alpha vital instantly improve skin roughness by restoring healthy cells, making your skin noticeably smoother without any hint of sensitivity. Your freshly prepared for plaster peel off mask leaves nothing neglected and let’s your skin exhale, revealing a beautiful complexion.

Facial and scalp treatment
This popular treatment leaves you tension free and refreshed, improving circulation and relaxation. We will deeply massage your head and neck using essential oils.

Deep cleansing facial
Not only does this treatment clean the skin deeply, but it also elements and smooth rough skin while repairing damaged caused by shaving or ingrown hairs. Skin is left calmed and toned.

Curative age-defying facial
Improves the skins texture, decreases wrinkles, and strengthens collagen fibers, which help tighten and tone the skin. Protects and helps rejuvenate the skin with powerful antioxidants.

Back facial
Opens back pores and thoroughly cleanses and remove impurities. I deal for those who are prone to skin problems and acne.

David Alan signature massage

Superb synergy of sweetish deep tissue and shiatsu massage techniques tailored to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize. And extremely therapeutic massage directed deep into your muscle layers to increase circulation, release tension and relieve cramping and tightened muscles. Choose which areas are most deserving.

Sports massage
Uses deep stroking movements plus special stretching movements specific to your sport. Soothes and invigorates muscles before and after sports activity. The deep pressure to specific trigger points relieve stress and tension, simulates energy and allows the flow of oxygen to the blood. We then use hot packs to sooth joints and aching muscles. Powerful ingredients help to restore strength and flexibility. Recommended for swollen joints and muscle pain.

Gentlemans facial

Our skin care for men includes exfoliation, deep cleansing and antistress neck, shoulder and facial massage. This treatment is followed by a facial mask to help razor burn sensitivity. Please shave prior to appointment

Body Wraps

Seaweed Body Wrap

This all natural sea algae wrap infuses essential sea minerals and antioxidant vitamins renowned for deeply nourishing the skin. Provide exfoliation, detoxifying, and slimming benefits. 60 min. – $100/$110/$120/$130

Sea Salt Glow

This uplifting tangerine, therapeutic lavender, sea salt scrub gently removes dead cells from the surface of the skin while replenishing the cells with moisture and vitamins. 60 min. – $85/$105/$110/$115

Sea Polish

A nutrient rich algae creme with extra fine grains is applied like a mask that gently polishes away dull dry skin, and leaves the body well hydrated. 50 min. – $95/$100/$105/$100

Milis Slimming and Toning

This popular treatment is sought by celebrities before they walk out on the red carpet. You choose the body areas, such as your legs, stomach, arms or all ove. Lose inches and water retention immediately. Exfoliation included. 50 min – $100